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Jeff Williams, Founder JAW Dropping Photography

Jeff Williams has had a passion for 'capturing the look' for over 20 years.


Retiring from the Fire Department at the age of 49, Jeff began living his dream - creating and sharing his photographic talents through his company,


JAW Dropping Photography

He has an uncanny ability for seeing what the untrained eye could never see, specializing in on location and nature photography. He comes to you: in your home, yard, or office and on the field, courts, or in the arena.


"Whether at the football field, standing under a waterfall or walking down the aisle, you have one chance to capture the moment."


It's a huge responsibility that Jeff certainly takes to heart, providing photo's that are timeless and unique.


Jeff makes each and every client feel important and, above all, comfortable.


Each session provides an opportunity to have a little fun, with simple expressions that last a lifetime.

Looking for a great nature shot?  Preview Jeff's shots and contact him on how to purchase a few today!

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